Fearful, or embarrassed to
try Partner Dancing?

Fear no more!

Mary Heller & Hector Rivera are teaming up to bring you…

The JOY of Partner Dancing!

(For ALL ages and abilities, and YES, you can even do it in, or with a chair!
Read more HERE!)

What? 10:30-11:30am – Introduction to Contact Improv taught by veteran Mary Heller.

(Read Mary’s bio HERE.)

Experience your fear fully to let it go fully in YOUR time, and pace during an hour of basic Contact Improv. This Dance Technique is at the heart of partnering. Experience the discovery of using physics in giving and receiving the weight of your body with walls, the floor, and finally others. Specifically, exploring through the hands, arms, back and the entire core. At the same time attention is brought to the energy, and focus one must give in order to listen with the heart and body to lead and follow.

11:40am – 12:45pm –  Latin Rhythms BeMoved® class taught by certified Artistry 2 BeMoved Instructor Mary Heller.

Discover the best way YOU like to follow movement, specifically the Latin Dance form of Cha Cha Cha, doing BeMoved. There is NO partner, just you following the dancing. This self discovery will serve you before you partner with someone else in this vocabulary. See more HERE for what BeMoved is.

1 – 2pm – Partner Latin Dancing taught by Hector Rivera.

(Read Hector’s bio HERE.)

Experience learning Basic Latin Dancing as you rotate partners. This is the BEST, and fastest way to learn how to partner dance! Discover how YOU can become aware of things you do with every person while also noticing what each person brings to you that may be new. Whether you are leading or following, you are always learning more deeply about yourself.

Dance teaches you how to live life!

Just like in life when socializing, learning to dance with a partner can be a gradual, progressional skill that you can teach yourself with awareness, and guidance by professionals. In fact, learning to dance with another is learning to live life well, discovering both ones self and others in mind, body and spirit. Facing fears, and realizing how true “control” in life is being able to respond to the moment authentically with awareness of others no matter what you had planned specifically before each moment. Ultimately, it’s a practice of being general in one expectation: Fun, excitement and play by getting to experience how to “Dance” between you, and someone else moment to moment. It’s the ultimate practice of learning to be flexible in your mind, and heart.

When? Sat. Jan. 30, 2016, 10:30am – 2pm

Where? The Prescott Movement Collective, 612 Miller Valley Road, Prescott, AZ.


Price? Register by Jan. 29th, and this three and a half hour workshop taught by top international, veteran professionals in their field is $35!

After Jan. 29th, or at the door, $45. Register HERE to reserve your spot, as the space will only allow 25 participants. 10 minimum required. You will be notified by Jan. 29th, midnight, IF it cancels.


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