• BeMoved® classes run in three – eight week sessions.
Session fees are $8/one class/wk & $7/class for each two classes/wk ($14/wk)
Drop-in Fee – $9

Any punch cards purchased before August 16th., 2015 will be honored and can be used towards the purchase of any session thereafter.
How to register:
Register prior to the start of each session by emailing Mary at  Then simply bring your cash, check (made out to BeMoved or Mary Heller), or credit card to the first class of the session. You can also purchase sessions on the online store link to your right in the info. bar, or on each class page.

• Upcoming sessions are on each location’s class page.

• Policies:
Refunds will be given only with a valid medical excuse.

Making up missed classes – If you know beforehand that you won’t be able to attend class on any given date(s), please let Mary know at registration—I will deduct the cost of those absences from your session fee in advance. NOTE: this does not apply to group rates.

You cannot pay for pro-rated class sessions on the online store.  In the event of an unforeseen absence, you are welcome to make up missed classes in any other BeMoved class at any AZ location within the same session. NOTE: this does not apply to group rates.

Drop-ins are always welcome where it does not say “registration is required” for that class.

Group Rates – If registering as a part of a group you must register identifying yourself as part of that group before a session begins to obtain the group rate. People form all kinds of groups from the obvious work/employee groups, to a “place/Home Owners Association” group made up of people who work, and live there.

Once you dance together over time consistently, your work, community living area, large extended family, athletic team, or whatever your “group” consists of, WILL feel better outside of class. Happens all the time, and has so for millions of years…until recently in the last 130 years when we all forgot to keep doing this.

Class cancellations – Weather-related cancellations will be posted at least one hour prior to class on the class page, and homepage of this website, and on my Facebook page under “Mary Heller” who lives in Prescott, AZ.

• FAQs
– Why do you ask people to commit to sessions versus offering punch cards?
For most of us, we plan to attend our favorite classes on a fairly regular basis—except on dates when we know ahead of time we have a conflict, or if, unexpectedly, something comes up to prevent our attendance. We like the flexibility of a punch card system because we feel we can attend fairly regularly, but it leaves us space for planned or unplanned absences. This session-based system allows for the very same flexibility—it simply involves letting me know of the dates you plan to regularly attend, and the dates you know of ahead of time when you’ll be absent. The flexible make-up policy covers the unplanned absences as well.

We all know that consistency is key to increasing our sense of fitness and well being. By signing up for a session—notifying your instructor, paying in advance—we add fuel to our intentions, and turn our plans into reality.

– I won’t be able to attend every class during the session. Do I have to pay the drop-in fee?
Anyone planning to attend fairly regularly during a session qualifies for the session fee prices. The Drop-in fee applies to someone who will most likely only come once or twice during a session. Someone trying the class for the first time, for example. Email Mary if you are unsure which fee applies to your situation.

– Is there a dress code for BeMoved classes? Do I need special shoes?
No. There is no dress code. Whatever you wear to the gym is what you should wear to BeMoved. In class, you’ll see gym shoes, running shoes, hip hop sneakers, socks and bare feet. We leave it up to you. We simply ask that if you do wear shoes, that they are dedicated for indoor exercise and are not worn outside. This helps to protect the floors in the spaces, and to keep them clean.


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