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  1. Allison Flannery says:

    “I love BeMoved! Not only does it stretch your body with gentle moves, but it challenges your mind to follow the different musical genres every week. It’s not hard at all, but more mentally stimulating, which is extremely important for us older folks. Another big plus is that it has helped my balance significantly. Dancing has made me feel much more graceful, and in control of my body.

    Thanks Mary, for introducing me to BeMoved!”

    Allison Flannery

  2. Marg LeBlanc says:

    Mary is so skillful that the time spent in class goes by so quickly! I am loathe to exercise, but the experience was so fun; I’ll be back again and again. I could feel my artistic brain coming out of a deep slumber to aid my physical and emotional well being.

    I can’t wait to experience the other genres and will bring a friend to drop in and try it with me. Mary, thank you for BeMoved!

    Marg LeBlanc

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