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I am loathe to exercise, but the experience was so fun!!!


Mary is so skillful that the time spent in class goes by so quickly! I am loathe to exercise, but the experience was so fun; I’ll be back again and again. I could feel my artistic brain coming out of a deep slumber to aid my physical and emotional well being.

I can’t wait to experience the other genres and will bring a friend to drop in and try it with me. Mary, thank you for BeMoved!

Marg LeBlanc

minimize issues with knee pain…


“It’s impressive that something so simple as using proper alignment when walking or going up and down stairs can minimize issues with knee pain.  At the age of 70, going down the stairs was starting to be painful in one knee and I assumed it was part of the aging process and the beginning of the road leading ultimately to knee surgery. My biggest issue, however, turned out to be my complete lack of understanding of what proper alignment actually is and how that alignment feels within my body. Thanks to the Barre class with Mary, I’ve come to understand that I can directly impact this problem and walk pain free down the stairs. Although it’s still a conscious effort to walk in this way, I am hoping that some day I will be able to do so without thinking about it. Understanding how to control this problem without pain medication has been a remarkable gift of knowledge.”

helped my balance significantly…

“I love BeMoved! Not only does it stretch your body with gentle moves, but it challenges your mind to follow the different musical genres every week. It’s not hard at all, but more mentally stimulating, which is extremely important for us older folks. Another big plus is that it has helped my balance significantly. Dancing has made me feel much more graceful, and in control of my body.”

Thanks Mary, for introducing me to BeMoved!”

Allison Flannery

What I discovered about my body during that time was amazing!

It’s been weeks since I took Mary’s Heller Barre Practice class, and what I discovered about my body during that time  was amazing.
I do have an innate ability to move with confidence – – to walk or even run a bit if I want to. To stoop, to bend , even to use good balance.
I discovered all that through the weeks of the class, and I was better able to walk with greater comfort as well. Now, sometimes I was a little sore the next day…which makes me think taking it twice a week would be even better as I tend to practice little on my own.  The greater confidence I gained in my movement, particularly walking, was well worth the time and effort! Thank you, thank you, Mary!


Barbara - 64 years old 

Heller Barre Practice® for ANY level of athlete, fitness, or those beginning movement practice!

I was very glad to experience your Heller Barre Practice® class. I need core strengthening badly. I fell on the ice on my sloped driveway with arm through the heavy garbage can handle. It broke my arm in half. I have no clue why but it really knocked me down physically and I think mentally. I am not used to being a weak timid gal but right now that is how I feel.
My core feels shaky and weak. I have never felt that way in my life. So in between your classes and getting back into planking with yoga I hope to regain my lost strength.
I haven’t been cleared by my doc yet to lift or push more than 20lbs until the end of March. So I am solely counting on your classes to get me back for now.

Nicely surprised I think this class of yours will do the trick!!
Thank you for an awesome class!

It IS the right time to “BeMoved”

Regardless of the weather, my mood, energy level, or anything else that could bridle my decision of making it to class, I invariably say to myself afterward, “I am SO glad I did this for myself today.” There have been no exceptions. Mary’s energy, humor, and beautiful spirit are uplifting to all who have the pleasure of her tutelage. “BeMoved” is a mind, body and soul experience…All heightened in one relishable hour.


Cody Carter

So much fun

An hour of exercise just flies by in the BeMoved classes… the music is fantastic, the moves are fun (with a little brain challenge thrown in) and I feel like the classes have done me a world of good with mobility and mood. I think this type of dancing is actually much easier on my body than hiking, which is so repetitive. Plus, we can get our boogie on! Thanks, Mary!

Nancy T

Loving your class

Mary, Loving your class and your energy. Thanks for doing what you do, and being here in Prescott!


Thank you

THANK YOU MARY, for your sincere efforts, encouragement, smiles, and making an ole’ lady feel good about herself.   NO dancer am I, but I will continue to do my best to make you proud.   YOU are the blessing of womanhood, I am so pleased to have you become another lovely ‘thread’ in my life’s blanket.

Jeanne Paul

I loved it!!!

I lived in Chicago because I was on contract with IL Bell to do their wellness programs.  I traveled all over the state giving the programs that I developed for smoking cessation, cholesterol/lipid control, wt. loss, diabetes, exercise……..whatever it took to help employees live a healthy lifestyle.  I loved it!!   So, I know that doing BeMoved® with these groups has to be rewarding for you, Mary.  I think that just your presence would put a smile on their faces and create a spark in their energy level.  You have that effect on people!!

Barb Berle

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