Beginner Contact Improv Workshop-6/24

Beginners Contact Improv Workshop – 6/24

When – Saturday June 24, 2017, 1-4 pm

Where – Elks Performing Arts Center, Dance 1/Marly floor

Fee: $35

Space is limited! Click here to reserve your spot.

Learn the basics of contact improvisation (CI)–how to give and receive weight safely, how to move in different levels of space with other bodies, and how to have a fun and spontaneous non-verbal connection. CI is playing with elements of physics, and mind/body choice-making within every moment of dancing. As with all partner dance forms, one can learn a huge amount about oneself when learning and practicing CI. This is especially true since this partner dance technique requires every person to be both a leader, and a follower at any given moment. Skills learned in this workshop can be practiced outside of this experience in improv jams.

For those with beginner-level experience in CI

Pending reservations, if you took Mary’s April 22nd, 2017, CI Technique Beg. Workshop, you are invited to attend this one for $20 as a re-fresher!

Come play with us!

Workshops for Advanced Beginners & Intermediates
will be held on July 8th and July 16th, 1-4 pm

If you enroll for July 8th @ $35, you’ll get the July 16th workshop for $25!

Taught by Mary Heller: M.F.A. in Dance (Pedagogy, Choreography, Technology and Performance) Florida State University; 29 year veteran Dance Educator, Teaching Artist, and Choreographer. Mary has practiced CI since 1985.

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