BeMoved® Tues. Class at the Elk’s Theatre Performing Arts Center

I always want to dance with as many people as possible on this earth while I can! – Mary


Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:30pm


Click HERE to register

Drop-In’s, or session class purchases to anywhere Mary teaches BeMoved WELCOMED! (group rate purchases from other locations not eligible.)



Spring 8 wk. Session: Feb. 25 – April 20, 2018

Mid-Winter 8 wk. Session: Jan. 2 – Feb. 24, 2018

Winter 7 wk. Session – Oct. 30 – Dec. 15, 2017

Fall 8 wk. Session – Sept. 5 – Oct. 28, 2017!


BeMoved® Dance Classes run on 4-8-week sessions. Please click HERE for information on registration policies and fees. Drop ins are always welcome.

WHERE: Elks Theatre Performing Arts Center, second floor, easy access elevator, and ramped, dance studio entrance! 117 E Gurley St., Prescott, AZ

COST: $10 drop in cash/check/credit –

Sessions are:

Mid-Winter & Spring 8 wk. session/one class/wk. – $72

(classes can be pro-rated for advanced absences)

$10 drop in, $9/class for 1 class/wk., $8/class for 2 or more classes/wk. anywhere Mary teaches BeMoved


Optional $5 guided, twenty minute, deep, aligned stretch after each class for two or more people.  $10 for private.


(All Hike & Yoga meetup Facebook members receive a discount at any T. 5:30pm BeMoved class in Prescott: $5/class.)

One of these sixteen genres offered in each class: Bollywood, Steps that Swing, Wild, Cool & Swingin’ (Rat Pack), Gospel Pop, World Beat Fusion, Salsa, Back-up Singer Moves, Theatrical Jazz, Disco, Latin Rhythms, Stylized 60’s, Rhythm Country & Blues, The Roaring 20’s, Movin’ & Groovin’, Pop On Broadway, and now…….Pump Up the 80’s! 


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